Why it was needed.

14 years ago following discussion on an incident, which had resulted in a crew man being crushed, when a choke valve fell out of a container. During the investigation it emerged that there was a need for commonality of  working practices and standards to eliminate risk from cargo handling. A requirement for a widespread industry ‘best practice’ document.

  • Issue No. 1 – May 2001 – UKOOA: Hard Copy Document
  • Issue No. 2 – November 2002 – UKOOA: CD ROM
  • Issue No. 3 – November 2005 – UKOOA: CD ROM
  • Issue No. 4 – November 2008 – Oil & Gas UK: CD ROM
  • Issue No. 5 – November 2011 – MSF: CD ROM & Pocket Handbook
  • Issue No. 6 – January 2015 – OGUK/MSF: Pocket Handbook/Website/eReader & Pen Drive

The Aims of the Book

The purpose of this Best practice publication is to assist the following parties involved in the movement of cargo to and from offshore installations. It recognises the hazards involved in the packing and handling of cargo during normal operations, and to avoid or reduce any associated risks by the adoption of common industry standards:

  • Vendors
  • Haulage Contractors
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Vessel Operators
  • Aircraft Operators
  • Offshore Operators

The New Brand